Emotions Predict Attitudes and Actions

Emotient delivers insights in the form of three key performance indicators (KPIs), and detailed data on emotions, for every face in each video frame:

Emotient KPIs

Attention – Is your advertising or product getting noticed?
Engagement – Are people responding emotionally?
Sentiment – Are they showing positive, negative or no emotion?

These insights add business value to advertising, media, consumer packaged goods and other industries.

A Leader in Emotion Measurement

Attention, engagement, emotion. These factors drive customer interest and action, yet not addressable only as hunches and inferences obtained from qualitative studies. Until now!

Emotient is the leader in emotion detection and sentiment analysis, part of a neuromarketing wave that is driving a quantum leap in customer understanding. Our services quantify emotional response, leading to insights and actions that improves your products and how you market them.