About Emotient

Emotient is the leading authority on emotion detection and sentiment analysis technologies that are enabling a future of emotion aware computing.

The company began at the Machine Perception Lab at University of California, San Diego, and has since attracted industry leaders across the realms of business, technology and science. The Advisory Board includes Paul Ekman, Ph.D. and Terry Sejnowski, Ph.D., two of the most prominent leaders in facial behavior and machine learning, respectively.

Our system sets the industry standard for accuracy, with the highly precise ability to detect single-frame microexpressions of emotions. We built our architecture with the future in mind; it is highly scalable and extensible to adapt quickly with changing market and customer needs.

Emotient’s flagship product is the Emotient API, which provides access to critical emotion insights.

What We Do

Our leading-edge software offers complete and accurate facial expression detection and analysis. It detects and tracks primary expressions of emotion, overall positive and negative emotions and blended composites of multiple emotions – all of which represent critical and actionable insights. Fortune 500 companies, market research firms, and a growing number of vertical markets are ideally suited to leverage facial expression data, analysis and insights.

The Emotient Advantage

At Emotient, we set the standard for the most accurate and reliable solution available today.

Industry-Leading Expertise and Accuracy
FACET applies machine learning methods to high-volume datasets that are carefully constructed by a team of Facial Action Coding System (FACS) certified behavioral scientists. By leveraging this methodology, FACET sets the industry standard for accuracy.

Microexpression Precision
Our system is so precise that it can detect single-frame expressions of emotion. These brief flashes of emotions reveal quite a bit about a person’s beliefs and their propensity to act or buy.

Adaptive Solution Framework
Our system is highly customizable and designed to quickly adapt to meet changing customer and market requirements. Our framework makes it easy to add new expressions that are important to a specific industry — drowsiness detection for the automotive industry is one example.

The Science Behind the Technology

Emotient’s proprietary algorithms make it possible to discern the most subtle expression or changes in expression and translate that into a defined emotional reaction. With a camera-enabled device or external webcam, our system can quickly process facial detection and automated expression analysis in real-time, or, for non time-sensitive requirements, it can scan images and videos in batch mode to deliver in-depth analysis of single-subject and multiple-subject videos. Emotient API leverages machine learning in large datasets in order to achieve optimal speed and utility.

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