JULY 6, 2015
How Do You Feel About This Tomato? Emotient Can Tell.

Emotient recently shared with Re/code what it found when it tested a racy Carl’s Jr. ad via 270 over-the-Web screenings.   READ ARTICLE ›

MAY 18, 2015
Advertising Age
Facial-Recognition Lets Marketers Gauge Consumers’ Real Responses to Ads

Watch What They Do, Not What They Say With New Tools.   READ ARTICLE ›

APR 9, 2015
The Sound of Emotion
iPad Installation Plays Music Based On the Face You Are Wearing

The Cult of Mac reports on the Sound of Emotion project being selected for the San Francisco Market Street Prototype Festival. The Sound of Emotion project uses Emotient’s expression recognition software to enable community-based musical compositions that are based on the participant’s facial expressions.   READ ARTICLE ›

APR 6, 2015
Six Trends Shaking up our Internet Economy

Mohanbir Sawhney, Professor of Technology at the Kellogg School of Management, talks about key trends driving the next generation Internet economy, including mobile payments, the Internet of Things and emotion recognition.   READ ARTICLE ›

APR 3, 2015
Forbes – by Natasha Baker
Five predictions for how brick-and-mortar commerce will look in 2020, including making the store more “emotionally-aware”

Five predictions for how brick-and-mortar commerce will look in 2020 – including use of Emotient Analytics.   READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 24, 2015
IQ by Intel
Comedy Plugs Into Technology

IQ by Intel reports on a Barcelona comedy club that uses facial expression analysis to enable a pay-per-laugh model which lets attendees know that they’re getting their money’s worth!   READ ARTICLE ›

FEB 11, 2015
Gen Y Consumers Are Hard To Surprise. Here’s How To Enchant Them

This article is by Baiju Shah, managing director for strategy and innovation at Accenture Interactive and the global co-lead of Fjord, design and innovation from Accenture Interactive. READ ARTICLE ›

JAN 28, 2015
Wall Street Journal
The Technology That Unmasks Your Hidden Emotions

Using Psychology and Data Mining to Discern Emotions as People Shop, Watch Ads


This Wall Street Journal article and video discusses the promise of and uses for facial expression recognition technology. Includes Emotient application graphics and interview with Dr. Paul Ekman, father of emotion recognition science and member of Emotient’s Advisory Board. READ ARTICLE ›

SEPT 15, 2014
Emerging Technologies Promise To Quantify Emotions


JUNE 18, 2014
What Does The Future Of Retail Look Like? Four Young Companies Provide A Glimpse

There was a lot to digest at Jason Calacanis‘ and Pivotal Labs‘ Launch Beacon conference on Monday, an event devoted to exploring trends around e-commerce, retail, payments and location-based technology. READ ARTICLE ›

JUNE 10, 2014
The Future Of Advertising Is In Your Face

Think retailers and advertisers know you pretty well from Facebook? The latest development in a new field called emotion aware computing will allow retailers to collect data on what you think of a product by using your facial expressions. READ ARTICLE ›

APRIL 30, 2014
ABC News
Man Vs. Computer: Which Can Best Spot Pain Fakers?

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, are working on a breakthrough that could change how doctors treat patients and their pain.

Many doctors’ offices have started displaying charts with faces showing various levels of pain but what if a person is faking it?

The UCSD team conducted a simple test, pitting man versus machine. READ ARTICLE ›

APRIL 28, 2014
New York Times
Reading Pain In A Human Face

Today’s New York Times featured Dr. Marian Bartlett, co-founder and lead scientist, and her study on using automated facial expression recognition technology to distinguish between real and fake pain. According to the study, people are basically at chance in detecting real vs fake pain while a predecessor version of Emotient’s software developed at UC San Diego, is at 85%. Take the quiz and see how well you do! READ ARTICLE ›

APRIL 9, 2014
When Computers Can Read You Like A Book

Emotionally sensitive computers aren’t anything new at UC San Diego’s Early Childhood Education Center. For the past 10 years, toddlers here have been playing with a robot named Rubi… READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 27, 2014
Marian Bartlett, Co-Founder And Lead Scientist At Emotient, Spoke With Allvoices At Ad:tech About The Startup’s Face-Recognition System

We enjoyed meeting with leaders and innovators in the advertising industry at Ad:Tech San Francisco last week to discuss ways in which Emotient’s software can be used to analyze sentiment and emotional response to promotions and ads. Dr. Marian Bartlett, Emotient’s Co-Founder and Lead Scientists, sat down with AllVoices. In the interview Dr. Bartlett discusses how Emotient’s software is a game changer for advertisers and can predict consumer behavior, as well as explains a market research study on Super Bowl ads. READ ARTICLE ›

MARCH 10, 2014
U~T San Diego
Emotient Lands $6 Million In Venture Capital

San Diego start-up makes software that reads facial expressions READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 6, 2014
Emotient Raises $6M For Facial Expression Recognition Tech, Debuts Google Glass Sentiment Analysis App

Emotient, a startup based out of San Diego that works in the emerging area of facial expression recognition, is today announcing a $6 million round of funding and its first steps into applying its technology in the wearables market: a new piece of “glassware” for Google Glass that measures sentiment analysis based on reading people through the headgear’s camera… READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 6, 2014
Fast Company
This Google Glass App Will Detect Your Emotions, Then Relay Them Back To Retailers

The Emotient app could measure how customers feel about products or promotions. It could also screen for depression. READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 6, 2014
The Next Web
Emotient’s Face-Tracking Google Glass App Can Identify The Mood Of People Around You

Emotient has announced a private beta of its facial recognition and emotion tracking tech for Google Glass, as well as revealing that it has secured an additional $6 million in funding… READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 6, 2014
Emotient’s Google Glass App Tells You How Others Are Feeling

It’s not always easy to read someone’s emotions — and that’s a problem for retailers, which can’t easily tell if their products intrigue you or simply confuse you. They may not have to guess for much longer, though, as Emotient has launched the private beta for a Google Glass app that identifies feelings using the device’s camera… READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 6, 2014
PC Magazine
Google Glass App Reads Your Emotions

Emotient said that its app will probably be most useful for retailers looking to improve customer service. READ ARTICLE ›

MAR 6, 2014
With $6M In Funding, Emotient Enables Google Glass To “See” Emotions

Thanks to its camera, Google Glass can see the world around it. And with Emotient’s software, Glass can even read the emotions of people, offering real-time data that could be useful in education, retail and other market segments. READ ARTICLE ›

FEB 11, 2014
Edison Awards
Emotient Named Finalist For Edison Awards

We are pleased to announce that Emotient has been selected as a finalist for the 2014 Edison Awards! The Edison Awards recognize and honor some of the most innovative products and businesses in the world, honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation. The awards are voted on by the Edison Awards Steering Committee and more than 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education. READ ARTICLE ›

FEB 4, 2014
Feeling Glum, Happy, Aroused? New Technology Can Detect Your Mood

A long distance drive can be lonely with only a radio for company, and if the driver is stressed or tired it becomes dangerous.

A car that could understand those feelings might prevent an accident, using emotional data to flag warning signs. Sensors could nest in the steering wheel and door handles to pick up electric signals from the skin. Meanwhile a camera mounted on the windshield could analyze facial expressions… READ ARTICLE ›

JAN 15, 2014
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Can Facial-Recognition Software Help Stores Manage Angry Customers?

I got a glimpse of the future of shopping at this week’s National Retail Federation conference, and it revolves around some very impressive and unsettling technology. There was technology that collects digital currency (otherwise known as coupons) if users agree to watch commercials instead of skipping them. New facial-recognition software claimed to determine gender with better than 90 percent accuracy and age range with about 70 percent accuracy. And, most interesting to me, there was a demonstration of facial-expression recognition software that can read some of our emotions. It was developed by a company called Emotient; Intel Capital, the venture capital division of Intel , is an investor. READ ARTICLE ›

JAN 15, 2014
The Future Of Shopping: When Psychology And Emotion Meet Analytics

The future of shopping is going to look a lot more analytical in the near future and add a good bit of video to track emotions and engagement.

Welcome to the future of retail, which is quickly moving beyond somewhat silly questions about whether tablets will run on Android, iOS, or Windows, and becoming much more focused on actual applications and sales… READ ARTICLE ›

JAN 6, 2014
U~T San Diego
Five Top Innovators of 2013 Share Their ‘AHA’ Moments

Javier Movellan, co-founder and lead researcher, Emotient, winner in the software category for FACET, which translates facial expressions into actionable information, enabling companies to create new levels of customer engagement. READ ARTICLE ›

JAN 6, 2014
Recognizing What Emotion Customers Really Feel

Technology that can read, analyze facial expressions can be useful in retailing READ ARTICLE ›

JAN 2, 2014
Financial Times
From A Frown To A Smile, The Technology That’s In Your Face

Shakespeare called it “a book where men may read strange matters”. What the human face reveals has fuelled speculation, incited wars and inspired poetry for centuries. READ ARTICLE ›

DEC 27, 2013
CONNECT Shares MIP Winners

A San Diego organization has named the year’s most innovative products and achievements in technology and life sciences by local companies. READ ARTICLE ›

DEC 21, 2013
San Diego Business Journal
Emotient Putting Its Efforts Into Understanding Your Feelings

Be it a grimace, a furrowed brow or the flicker of a smile, San Diego-based Emotient Inc. is building software to map it. READ ARTICLE ›

DEC 23, 2013
Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda
Facial Expression Recognition And Analysis

Emotient CEO Ken Denman spoke with host Karen Jagoda on Digital Politics Radio to discuss Emotient’s technology and the myriad ways it will improve the way we interact with technology. HEAR COMPLETE INTERVIEW ›

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