Emotient is the leading authority in facial expression detection and sentiment analysis. Emotient’s award winning technology translates facial expressions into actionable information, enabling companies to develop emotion-aware solutions and create new levels of customer engagement.

The Emotient API offers facial expression and emotion detection and analysis tools to empower companies and market research firms to create new levels of customer engagement, research, and analysis.

Emotient’s software is also integrated into a fully featured, robust desktop application from partner company, iMotions. Academic, usability and market researchers can use the iMotions platform’s Attention Tool FACET Module for facial expression analysis, or as a complete biometric measurement tool, in combination with industry-leading eye tracking, EEG, and GSR systems.

Emotient API

Complete Facial Expression Detection and Analysis Software

The Emotient API provides the ability to perform real-time, frame-by-frame analysis of the emotional responses of users, detecting and tracking expressions of primary emotions, including joy, surprise, anger, disgust, sadness, contempt and fear; advanced emotions, including frustration and confusion; overall sentiments, including positive, negative and neutral; blended composites of two or more emotions; and 19 Facial Action Units, which are elementary facial muscle movements based on Dr. Paul Ekman's Facial Action Coding System (FACS).

Emotient’s software uses advanced algorithms to recognize multiple faces in still images and video frames before processing, and is able to correct for less then optimal conditions in the source material.

Emotient software uses device-resident cameras and webcams; no special camera equipment is required. A resolution of at least 48 pixels of the face from ear-to-ear is optimal


Measure the emotional responses of users in real-time, detecting and monitoring expressions of primary emotions,advanced emotions, overall sentiments, emotion blends and 19 facial action units.


Analyze the emotion measurements to deepen your understanding of individual behaviors and preferences. Combine them to reveal the truth about market segments.


Adapt the system to meet changing market and customer needs. We constantly strive for new innovation with a framework that is flexible enough to pivot toward new opportunities as they emerge.

Face Detection

Primary Emotion Detection








Advanced Emotion Detection



Demographic Information - Gender Detection



Features and Benefits

High Accuracy:
Behavioral Experts Processing Large Datasets = Highest Quality Output

Automatic Processing Across All Available Platforms Without Manual Intervention

Range of Facial Types, Ethnicities, Lighting Conditions, Occlusions, and Backgrounds

Detects Natural, Low Intensity Expressions

Frame-by-Frame Analysis to Detect Rapid, Subtle Emotions

Multiple Faces:
Valuable for Group Applications, such as Digital Signage and Kiosks in Retail Environments

Cross Platform Support:
Native Windows and Linux Applications, with a Small Memory Footprint

Emotient API Facial Action Units (AUs)

AU FACS Name Muscular Basis
1 Inner Brow Raiser Frontalis (pars medialis)
2 Outer Brow Raiser Frontalis (pars lateralis)
4 Brow Lowerer Depressor glabellae,

Depressor supercilii, corrugator
5 Upper Lid Raiser Levator palpebrae superioris
6 Cheek Raiser Orbicularis oculi (pars orbitalis)
7 Lid Tightener Orbicularis oculi (pars palpebralis)
9 Nose Wrinkler Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi
10 Upper Lip Raiser Levator labii superioris, caput infraorbitalis
12 Lip Corner Puller Zygomaticus major
14 Dimpler Buccinator
15 Lip Corner Depressor Depressor anguli oris, or triangularis
18 Lip Pucker Incisivii labii superioris and Incisiviii labii inferioris
20 Lip Stretcher Risorius
23 Lip Tightener Orbicularis oris
24 Lip Pressor Orbicularis oris
25 Lips Part Depressor Labii
26 Jaw Drop Masseter; relaxed temporalis and internal pterygold
28 Lip Suck Orbicularis oris